“If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on.”

– Sheryl Sandberg

Meet the Partners

Who is Paradise Equity Partners

Paradise Equity Partners (PEP) is a private equity firm dedicated to the sports, entertainment and technology industries. PEP brings together finance and culture to enhance sectors that are rich in innovation, synergies and growth opportunities. The sports & entertainment industry is a top investment opportunity for Private Equity, offering high return perspectives with a diversified risk profile. We are long-term investors supported by strategic advisors, multi-family offices and UHNW individuals.

Sports & Entertainment x Tech  

The most inspiring and fastest growing industry in the world.

a peak at our process

Target Investment Criteria

We offer a full continuum of investment securities, from control equity to combinations of minority equity and debt capital, and collaborate directly with companies to uniquely address each situation.


In addition to its existing relationships, PEP has developed a roadmap of key executives in the sports and entertainment verticals and will leverage its advisory board and current network to develop deep relationships with these industry leaders.